Prof. Kirill Chernomaz shares his experience with educational technologies

Prof. Chernomaz's lecture recording

During the October ETAC meeting Prof. Kirill Chernomaz shared his experience with a number of educational technologies.


Prof. Chernomaz uses iLearn extensively for his classes and found many of its features extremely helpful. He uses various blocks on his class page. "Section links" block helps navigating long class pages, "Calendar" and "Upcoming events" blocks alert students to assignment deadlines, "Latest news" block displays the latest posts from the News forum, and "Lecture recordings" block displays the latest CourseStream recordings (click the image to zoom in):

iLearn class page screenshot


Prof. Chernomaz often uses CourseStream to record his lectures and posts the recordings on iLearn through auto-populated CourseStream block or by manually posting links in various sections (click the image to zoom in):

CourseStream block and manual links

He learned that to access recordings from previous semesters one should contact Academic Technology support. AT continues to improve iLearn functionality and will explore enhancements to the CourseStream block to allow greater control over displayed recordings and formats. File Sharing

To share files (lecture notes, articles, data files, etc.) Prof. Chernomaz prefers to use, which offers great file sharing features including password protection, link expiration, previews, and download prevention. accounts with 50GB of storage are available to all SFSU faculty (click the image to zoom in): link sharing

Shared links can even be embedded into iLearn pages for greater integration (click the image to zoom in): file sharing embedded into iLearn page

Entire file folders can be shared. Files can be previewed, downloaded one at a time or all together (click the image to zoom in): file folder embedded into iLearn page also offers file syncing across devices. Although generally useful, Prof. Chernomaz found it lacking certain advanced features such as (easy) customization of the sync folder location and preventing automatic launch at logon.

iLearn Quizzes

For class exercises and homework assignment Prof. Chernomaz likes to use iLearn quizzes. Among other things, quiz questions can include images as well as embedded multiple choice questions (click the image to zoom in):

iLearn quiz with an image and Cloze embedded questions

iLearn has the ability to import banks of questions for use in quizzes, although not all possible formats are supported.

Diva Video

Sometimes Prof. Chernomaz records screencasts using Screencast-O-Matic software (not supplied by SFSU) and shares them through Diva media repository. Those videos can be embedded into iLearn (click the image to zoom in):

Diva video embedded into iLearn page

AT team have recently launched a new feature called iLearn Video. It offers a greater integration of videos into iLearn environment.

iLearn Choice Activity

iLearn choice activity can be useful for polling students (click the image to zoom in):

iLearn choice activity

Another use for iLearn Choice is to have students select themselves into groups.

Polling Using PollEverywhere

For more flexible polling during classes Prof. Chernomaz sometimes uses (not an SFSU provided service). Answers can be submitted online or using phone text messages. (click the image to zoom in): poll


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