Survey FAQ

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An FAQ will be developed based on findings from the IT Resource Survey.The IT Resource Survey was designed to quantify the current usage and prospective IT resource needs of our SF State community. In particular, the needs regarding technology support for learning, teaching, research, and community service. 

Four key areas of focus were created, with subsequent questions used to better understand areas of strength and weakness:

  1. Classroom Hardware and Infrastructure
  2. Software and Web Applications
  3. Teaching and Learning, Research, and Service Activities
  4. Access and Support

Faculty input is a critical component of the academic planning process at SF State, and results from this survey will be used by various technology departments across campus to create strategic plans for technology-related decisions, to set priorities for funding, and, ultimately, to better align technology services with our university's core mission.

A copy of the survey can be found in the appendix of this document.

ETAC’s position: This survey was created by the ETAC committee, which is composed of faculty representatives from each college, the Academic Senate, and the Library, as well as representatives from Academic Technology (AT), the Division of Information Technology (DoIT), and the Disability Programs and Resources Center (DPRC). This survey was also used, in part, by the Albany School District Technology Committee to better understand their district IT resource needs.

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