Computer Workstation Standardization

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As part of a faculty computer refresh and additional large volume purchases for the Academic Year 2010/2011, a working group made up of Campus Technology Committee (CTC) and ETAC members was convened to develop common specifications for Macintosh and PC-based desktop and laptop computers. ETAC participants included Chris Mays, Library, Kiril Chernomaz, Economics, Dawn-Elissa Fischer, African Studies, and Joshua Singer, Design and Industry and also included IT staff and procurement office representatives. The group met to review models and options that best addressed faculty needs. Additional goals included:
•    improve the understanding between faculty and IT staff with respect to faculty needs and the practices of IT support operations,
•    develop criteria for reviewing alternative PC vendors (in addition to Dell),
•    review additional negotiation points beyond pricing for PC vendors,
•    and include the Procurement Office in the process.
The working group developed four specifications (a PC and Mac laptop and desktop) which were subsequently used as part of a purchase of over 200 computers for faculty.